DKS has diversified in the field of HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Fighting and Security, Electrical, Water Treatment and Building Automation.

It has adopted a Divisionalised Organization structure, with each Division specializing into own business segments for better customer focus and providing best possible service to achieve customer satisfaction.

DKS has developed into a leading organization in the complete value-chain of Project Engineering, Project Contracting, Planning and Control, Installation Services, Operation and Maintenance, Manufacturing and Trading in the field of Electro-Mechanical Products, System and Services.




DKS is among the Electromechanical Company in Saudi Arabia with a enormous resources of expertise and experience, providing a complete range of Engineering and Electromechanical Services. We are acknowledge and leading company in the application of new systems. Having started relatively small but with the farsightedness of the owners and able management, has steadily grown in resources and experience, as well as its share of market in the Service sector of the economy. Our Clients represents all sectors of the Saudi Economy.



DKS has gained extensive experience in the provision of Facility Engineering and, Safety and Security with Emphasis on Accident Prevention. In every undertaking or contractual commitment, as consistently drawn upon its existing/available resources/organization in order to ensure experience and capable personnel's are immediately available to start-up/mobilized any Contract, whether for the Government or the Private sector. As such, has won praise and admiration from its Clients with the speed and efficiency of the Project start-up. Furthermore,





Our Company:


DKS MEDICAL based in Riyadh. Specialized in Medical Gas Piped System for hospitals, clinics, research centers, laboratories, dental centers and & Hospital Equipment & Engineering.

DKS MEDICAL.  is backed-up by its supplier that invested heavily dealing in many advance technology and competitive systems for MGP's & healthcare industry.

DKS MEDICAL can provide you better services in complete design, supply, installation & management services for turnkey project like, Medical Gas Pipeline System, Industrial and Medical Air Compressor System, Industrial and Medical Vacuum System, Oxygen Generators, Medical Architectural Products (Bed head unit, Articulating single and dual arm Pendants).

Our Mission :

 To provide the best possible hospital, dental and laboratory facility using professional and practical approach in every project design, supply and installation.

Mission Statement :

 We do the right connection.














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00966560000780  -  00966505333918



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